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Katherine Cerulean grew up in the countryside near Athens, GA, home schooled on a farm with dogs, cats, a horse, a pony, peacocks, rabbits, sheep, and many others.

She has been writing seriously for twenty-four years, starting with screenwriting, moving into novels, and now returning to her first love of writing for the screen with both film scripts and teleplays.

She is the founder of the Athens Writers Association, which had over 200 hundred members, held 200 Meetup.com events and published three story collections.

Katherine currently travels the country (soon, the world!) with her sister, who is an amazing artistic genius. They have visited nineteen National Parks and are making plans for more.

Katherine and her sister are lifelong students of self improvement, and Katherine has given away over 90% of her possessions, cycled 60 miles in a day, lost over 50 pounds, become financially secure, and continues to transform her life and circumstance in service of her goals. She’s also been on many adventures and has way too much fun.

Katherine has written six novels (and self published one), five feature-length screenplays, and numerous TV specs and pilots. She has also self-published a self improvement book called How To Come Alive.

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Katherine is available for hire as a writer, story/character coach, life improvement coach, and occasionally, party balloon animal maker (just kidding, don’t hire her for that, she’d be terrible). Contact info: katherinecerulean@gmail.com

She’s also always happy to hear from fans and answer any questions on improving your writing and/or life. But seriously, don’t ask her to make a balloon animal (her 10,000 hours to mastery are not even started in that).

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